Anti Climb Security 358 Mesh Fencing Throughout the South West

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"Stronger by Design"

358 Mesh or "Prison Mesh" Fencing
2 to 6.0M
2.5 Metres
Powder Coating
The 358 mesh system attributes make it an excellent solution for high security applications. Mesh 358 Fencing offers a high degree of security, whilst giving a discreet visual impact on the environment. The mesh apertures provide see through visibility but ensure that the fence is difficult to climb as it doesn't allow finger or toe holds and is also extremely difficult to cut. This fact is reflected by its use by the Home Office for prison facilities in the UK, hence the alternative "Prison Mesh" title. The close mesh formation means that it is almost impossible to climb, and is very difficult to cut with anything other than power tools. 358 mesh system fencing is also ideal for integrating with CCTV, PIDs and security topping enhancements such as barb and razor coil.

High security 358 Mesh panel fencing can be installed to create a very secure fence in a range of standard heights from 2m up to 6m high. Gates are all custom made to your specifications. Call for Details